The ear-back hearing aid has higher power and is more suitable for severe and severe hearing loss;

It is convenient to install some complicated lines and chips to improve performance and enhance functions;

Large batteries, knobs, etc. are easy to operate and more suitable for the elderly;

Easy to repair, durable and easy to adjust;

Pediatric ear can only need to change the ear mold, it is more convenient;

No need to order, can be mass produced.


Can not play the positioning function of the pinna;

Concealment is relatively poor.

Custom machine



Small and concealed;

The auricle positioning function can be performed compared with the ear-back machine.


Not suitable for young children compared with the back of the ear;

Compared with the ear-back machine, the power is small;

The microphone and the receiver are close to each other, which is easy to produce howling;

It is not convenient for the elderly and hands with inconvenient movements;

The internal movement is easily damaged by defects such as defects;

The price is relatively expensive.

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Link:What are advantages and disadvantages of BTE and custom machine ?

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