Australia’s 7-week-old deaf boy heard the crying and relied on hearing aids. I heard the Australian deaf baby boy hearing aid smile. The 2 year old boy in Australia did not have hearing at birth. The doctor was his 7-week (2012) for him. Hearing aids were installed, and when he first heard the outside voice, he showed an incredible expression, and then he smiled and made someone at the place feel moved.

The Lifo couple (Mcelle and Toby Lever), who lived in Victoria, originally had two daughters. In 2012, they added a boy, Lachlan; but unfortunately, Laclon was born. After being diagnosed and losing hearing, the Liver couple was about to collapse.

When Lakron was 7 weeks old, the doctor installed a hearing aid for him. According to the film, when Lakron heard the sound, he showed a surprised and complicated look. It seemed to be unbelievable. Then he showed a smile and made his parents and other people present. Moving.

Although the son is born with a defect, the Lifo couple believe that the hearing aid is invisible in the eyes of two people. When talking about his son’s first hearing of the voice, Toby said that this was the most wonderful moment in her life. She had never been so happy. After her son resumed listening, he liked to listen to music, and sometimes he sang and danced together.

For the film that was filmed that year, it became the focus after two years. Taobi said that he was very happy to share the wonderful moments of their family with the outside world. He also hoped that the film would let other parents understand that they can always overcome any difficulties.

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