Are you tired of struggling to hear in noisy environments or missing out on important conversations? Well, say hello to JINGHAO‘s groundbreaking JH-A61A hearing aids! These cutting-edge smart hearing aids are about to change the way you experience sound. With not just one or two, but four innovative hearing modes, these devices will make sure you never miss a beat. Say goodbye to frustrating moments and get ready to unveil the ultimate solution for your hearing needs. Let’s dive into the exciting world of our JH-A61A and discover how these incredible devices can transform your life!

Mode 1: DSP Mode

Digital Signal Processing (DSP) has transformed the hearing aid industry by providing a more efficient and personalized listening experience for individuals with hearing loss. Our JH-A61A hearing devices feature a powerful DSP mode that utilizes advanced technology to enhance sound quality and clarity.

DSP mode is an advanced programming feature found in our JH-A61A hearing devices that uses digital algorithms to process sound signals in real-time. This mode is designed to analyze incoming sounds and adjust them according to your specific hearing needs, resulting in a more natural and personalized listening experience.

Mode 2: WDRC Mode

The WDRC (Wide Dynamic Range Compression) mode is one of the innovative modes available in our JH-A61A hearing aids. This mode is designed to provide users with a more natural and comfortable listening experience by automatically adjusting the volume according to the surrounding noise levels.

In simple terms, WDRC mode works by compressing or reducing the dynamic range of sounds to fit within a person’s hearing threshold. The dynamic range refers to the difference between the softest and loudest sounds that a person can hear without discomfort. This means that if someone has difficulty hearing softer sounds, they will still be able to hear them while wearing their JH-A61A hearing aids in WDRC mode.

Mode 3: AFC Mode

Mode 3 of our JH-A61A hearing aids is known as the AFC mode, which stands for Automatic Feedback Cancellation. This advanced mode is designed to help users with hearing loss experience clear and natural sound without any annoying whistling or feedback noises.

The AFC mode works by continuously monitoring the sound signals entering the hearing device and detecting any potential feedback loops. Once detected, it quickly and automatically cancels out these feedback signals before they reach the user’s ears. This ensures that users can enjoy conversations, music, and other sounds without any interruptions or distractions.

Mode 4: Noise Reduction Mode

Our JH-A61A hearing aids are equipped with advanced noise reduction technology that helps users filter out unwanted noise and amplify speech sounds for clearer and more comfortable hearing. This mode is especially useful in noisy environments, making it easier for wearers to understand conversations and participate fully in various activities without feeling overwhelmed by background noise.


In conclusion, our JH-A61A hearing aids offer not just one but four innovative hearing modes to cater to different listening needs. Whether it’s for a quiet conversation or a noisy event, these devices can adjust and provide clear sound quality. With its compact and discreet design, wearers can also enjoy maximum comfort and convenience. It’s time to upgrade your hearing experience with our JH-A61A hearing devices and discover the difference they can make in your daily life.

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