Today we talk about the hero of China’s resistance to the epidemic-Li Wenliang

Li Wenliang, an ophthalmologist at Wuhan Central Hospital, was unfortunately infected in the fight against the pneumonia epidemic of the new coronavirus infection, and was not rescued by all efforts. He died at 2:58 on February 7, 2020. The hospital expressed deep regret and condolences. His premature death has made us very sad. Most of the deaths to date from new coronary pneumonia occur in middle-aged and elderly people. Dr. Wenliang Li, who is only 34 years old, is one of the very young among the deceased.

Dr. Li Wenliang, a physician at Wuhan Central Hospital, was one of the eight doctors to warn of this dangerous disease in December last year.

His professional vigilance made us pay respect to him in particular. The warning he issued at that time was not immediately heeded, but instead he was instructed. This incident provided a stimulating sample for society to reflect.

In December last year, people’s understanding of new coronary pneumonia was still very limited. Li Wenliang was able to spread the news and take the lead in sounding alarms among professionals. This is part of his highly professional performance. In later recounts, it was found that he showed respectable medical ethics in his usual work.

The doctor was a soldier when the infectious disease broke out, and the hospital was the battlefield. Li Wenliang was brave and down-to-earth because of his professional death, which was especially painful.

Many of Li Wenliang’s colleagues have also contracted new crown pneumonia, and his central hospital in Wuhan has become one of the fiercest battlefields in this deadly war with disease. Li Wenliang’s failure to survive was a testament to the difficulty and complexity of this battle.

This is final conversation with Li Wenliang:

“If I recover, I will still be a doctor.”

On January 31, Li Wenliang was interviewed by the China Youth Daily and China Youth Daily. At this time, he had been hospitalized for 19 days. The following is a record of the conversation between the reporter and Li Wenliang:

Reporter: What would you do if the whole thing was repeated?

Li Wenliang: I should still remind my classmates to pay attention.

Reporter: Will you still be a doctor after recovery? Would you let your child choose this profession?

Li Wenliang: I will still be the one with no other skills. But I should not advise my child to be a doctor, the risk is too high.

Reporter: What are you most worried about now?

Li Wenliang: I miss my family most, my parents are still hospitalized, and my lover is pregnant. Nothing matters now. I hope that the epidemic will be brought under control as quickly as possible and everyone will be fine.

At this critical juncture, we must all unite, and do our utmost to save more patients’ lives and to prevent more people from being infected by the disease that Dr. Wenliang Li and others first warned. Now that the whole country is reinforcing Wuhan and Hubei, we must win this war.




Do you know about Chinese doctor?

Earlier on February 3, Song Yingjie, deputy team leader of the pharmacy group at the Maji Health Center in Donghu Town, Hengshan County, Hunan Province, was at the front line of the prevention and control of pneumonia outbreaks of new coronavirus. . Previously, he had fought in the front line of prevention and control for 10 consecutive days.

This time, we have seen time and again the perseverance and persistence, courage and kindness of Chinese medical staff.

As of the 4th, a total of 107 medical teams and 10596 medical members across the country have supported Hubei.

Medical staff are constantly challenging their limits on the front line of fighting the epidemic.

We saw the “Returning Angel Picture”. Four medical staff of the Emergency Center of Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University accidentally infected the new coronavirus during work, and returned to their posts after treatment and rehabilitation. On February 6th, they cheered on each other after the regular department meeting, and shared their experiences with patients, encouraging them to maintain an optimistic attitude to overcome the disease.

We see “relay combat”. On February 2nd, the second batch of medical aid teams in Shanxi went to Hubei. Wang Weiguo, 66, sent doctor daughter Wang Ting to a plane to Wuhan. Seventeen years ago, Wang Weiguo, who was also a doctor, was on the battlefield against SARS under the watch of his family.

We see more “post-90s”. The 18 nurses working in the front line of the Department of Infectious Diseases, Jianyang People’s Hospital, Sichuan Province, cut off their long beloved hair collectively. “In order to facilitate the work in the infection department, this must be done, which is also the responsibility of our nurses,” said the post-90s nurse Zheng Haiyan. In Douyin, this 16-second video of 18 female nurses collectively cutting their hair was pushed into hot search and harvested countless “hearts”.

This is the Chinese doctor: I am a waste of national resources when I die

“Always relying on, always ignoring, and sometimes complaining, but never understand.” This is the true feeling of Chinese patients about the medical industry, and it is also a true portrayal of the doctor-patient relationship.

In China, more than 20 million people visit or attend hospitals every day. Chinese hospitals are under inexplicable pressure, and Chinese doctors are regarded as “superman.”

As we set our sights on Hubei and Wuhan, more medical workers are experiencing daily hardships in their jobs.

With nearly two years of planning, shooting and production, Zhang Jianzhen, the chief director of “Doctor of China”, told reporters: The hard work of doctors is really hard to imagine.

Doctors’ stress comes not only from work, but also from patient’s incomprehension and social misunderstanding.

“Patients are very different. You don’t know if the patient’s family members are good or bad, and you don’t know if you can save the patient or do not have a problem after doing your best.” Zhang Jianzhen said.

“When you think about it, when is a person the most aggrieved? He tried his best to save people and was beaten up.”

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