The true feeling of hearing aids worn by patients with deafness[Case selection]

Under the introduction of my own situation, before the university, my family and friends thought it was a normal person. At that time, I felt that the high-frequency voice could not be heard. I felt that my hearing was still worse, because I spoke a little bit of tongue.csIt is unclear, the fourth grade of the university was raised for two months because of the water in the ear, and then the hearing suddenly dropped sharply. At that time, it was05Year until09I was determined to wear a hearing aid in the year, and the selected Ruisheng reached the deep ear canal.8000More, has been brought to the present. Feel or describe it,09In the year, my hearing loss was a bit worse. I remember that the feeling of just bringing a hearing aid is: Wow, there are so many voices around me, the sound of the air conditioner plug-in machine, the sound of the bus entering the station, the sound of the car rolling the road cover, The world that feels empty and dead is lit up by the hearing aids and becomes vivid and vivid… At the beginning, because it was not suitable for debugging many times, during the use of the earwax network was blocked and thought it was broken, it also made several jokes. After that, it became better and better, although it was still unclear, but it was improved compared with the original. A lot, no longer have to be afraid to meet old classmates, don’t be afraid to talk to me, your nervous back is sweaty, don’t be afraid to be whispered by the car behind you and you can’t hear you, don’t worry about your phone call. It is a reminder from colleagues…


However, there are still many worrying things. Because I have always had tinnitus, listening has shown a downward trend in recent years. At present, doctors are helpless. They can only try to protect their daily hearing, strengthen their exercise, avoid colds and fever, and worry that they will wear hearing aids in the future. Can not save the point. Speaking of the drawbacks of hearing aids, that is swimming, water sports can not bring, the unit organizes to go to the island, because of the fear of water, so can not bring hearing aids, I feel that it is very embarrassing for a while, very inconvenient, the second is to see a doctor, to distinguish The rate difference, the doctor will wear a mask, can not combine the mouth type, the doctor said that he basically does not understand … noisy places with hearing aids will feel a headache, can not adapt.

In general, the benefits of hearing aids are more serious than disadvantages. After all, with him, we can better listen to the sounds of the world, feel the beauty of life, better integrate into the people around us, enhance the ability to receive information, and live a better life. Convenience, and with hearing aids allows you to better distinguish which friends are more worthy of your association, this is also a plug-in . Don’t always complain about God. Compared with those who are more unfortunate, you are already very happy. Cherish the life in front of you, be kind to the people around you, and enrich your life as much as possible. Finally, I wish every friend with hearing problems can be happy. Life… the first answer, the incoherent language, please Haihan

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