The trend of hearing aid development

As the world’s aging trend becomes more and more obvious, the demand for hearing aids is becoming more and more diverse. According to our understanding of the hearing aid industry and 10 years of experience, the trend of hearing aids is as follows:


First, miniaturization: the size of the hearing aid is getting smaller and smaller. The more beautiful it is. Micro-hearing aids are not only the hope of manufacturers, but also the requirements of the majority of hearing aid users;

Second, intelligent: In order to further improve the quality of hearing aids (such as clarity), it is necessary to make the hearing aids have “smart” such as memory ability and re-encoding ability, such as anti-noise, sound source directional positioning, sound quality positioning and other types of cochlear performance. . All of this requires the support of computer technology and digital technology. Intelligent hearing aids have begun to receive widespread attention, but as a commodity can not meet the needs of some special users.

3. Personalization: With the popularization of relevant listening knowledge, people will pay more and more attention to their own hearing. At the same time, they will find that there are very few hearing impairments with the same hearing loss. Each hearing patient has special hearing conditions. Side. Therefore, it is inevitable that the hearing aids will be individually customized for each hearing impaired person to ensure that the use effect will become a development trend.

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