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Invisible hearing aidIICHearing aid, meaning a hearing aid that is completely invisible. Invisible hearing aids contain the most advanced technology of modern technology, making hearing aid components smaller and smaller, smaller than the smallest complete ear canal hearing aids in the past.20%~30%Left and right, on the side of the wearer90Degree observation can be achieved100%Invisible.


Therefore, invisible hearing aids are also high-end products belonging to hearing aids, mainly including nano hearing aids and ruby ​​invisible hearing aids. The main performance of the hearing aid has four indicators, namely maximum sound output, maximum sound gain, distortion and noise.

1.Maximum sound output This refers to the maximum limit that the hearing aid can amplify the sound.,Also called saturated sound output. Combined with the maximum sound gain energy, the power of the hearing aid can be judged.

2.The hearing aid has different gains for sounds of different frequencies and different intensities. The maximum (full) sound gain is the difference between the maximum sound pressure level of the hearing aid headphone output and the sound pressure level input by the microphone, which is the maximum amplification capability of the hearing aid. The larger the value, the stronger the maximum amplification capability of the hearing aid. Note: The physical quantity that measures the size of the sound is the “sound pressure level”, and one of the units of the sound pressure level is decibel (dB).

3.The channel, under the condition of ensuring the connection technology between the channel and the channel, the more channels, the more convenient the adjustment of the frequency curve, the finer the compensation effect on different hearing curves, the better the hearing aid effect.

4.Sometimes the sound heard by the hearing aid is not the sound we hear everyday, it will create a strange feeling, this time is the distortion of the sound. The degree of distortion of the hearing aid and the noise processing are mutually influential. To reduce the reception of noise, such as high-frequency noise, the frequency of the sound wave outside a certain range is reduced to cause distortion. Therefore, we can understand the range of frequencies that the hearing aid can receive.

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