The power of the hearing aid is not important

The power of the hearing aid refers to the ability of the hearing aid to expand the sound. Different power hearing aids are suitable for people with different levels of hearing loss, which is the key to the choice of hearing aids. Generally considered,0 ~ 25Decibel is normal;26 ~ 40Decibels are mild hearing loss and do not require a hearing aid;41 ~ 55Decibel is moderate hearing loss and can be worn with small and medium power hearing aids;56 ~ 70Decibel is moderate and severe hearing loss,71 ~ 80Decibel is a severe hearing loss, and can be equipped with medium and high power hearing aids;81Above the decibel is a very severe hearing loss, you can wear a high-power hearing aid.


The meaning of wearing a hearing aid is different from that of the elderly. It is not only to expand the sound of the environment, but also to listen to the sound of the language through the hearing aid. The specific requirements should be stricter than the elderly. Infants and young children choose hearing aids, the volume switch can not be opened to the maximum position, otherwise, although the sound is amplified enough, but the noise that you do not want to hear also enters a lot, it will affect the child to learn the language, the volume switch is placedOctober 1OrOctober 1 It is more appropriate. The power of the hearing aid is too small to achieve the function of hearing compensation; if the power of the hearing aid is too large, it may cause damage to the inner ear. Therefore, the choice of hearing aids, power selection should leave some room for appropriate, so accurate scientific fitting is very important.

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