The origin of hearing aidsWho invented the hearing aid?

Q: The origin of the hearing aid? Which scientist invented the hearing aid?

1878Year, American scientistBellInvented the first carbon-based hearing aid. The hearing aid is assembled from components such as carbon microphones, earphones, batteries, and wires.

Hearing aids are currently the primary intervention for mild to moderate sensorineural hearing impairment, partial mixing, and a small number of conductive deafness disorders. The hearing aid is actually an electroacoustic amplifier. The principle is that the sound signal is picked up by one or more microphones to convert it into an electrical signal, which is amplified by the amplifier, and the electrical signal is restored by the receiver to an acoustic signal and transmitted to the human ear. The development of hearing aids has passed through the era of carbon era, vacuum tubes, transistors, integrated circuits, microprocessors and digital hearing aids. The earliest hearing aids are actually a simple sound collecting and sounding device. For example, when people put their palms behind their ears, they can enhance the sound.5-10dB. Early in the morning, people have developed and used a variety of hearing aids such as ear horns and talking tubes. in19At the end of the century, with the invention of the telephone, the first telephone type electric hearing aid was invented. in20century20With the advent of tube amplifiers, portable tube hearing aids were gradually developed, and the single volume is still large. until20century50Transistor invention,60In the era of integrated circuit invention, the gain of the hearing aid was effectively controlled, and the volume was also miniaturized. Thereafter,1988In the year, integrated circuits for analog acoustic signal processing are used on hearing aids, and programmable hearing aids are available;1996Year, all-digital behind-the-ear hearing aids were introduced;20017In the year, the first hearing aid with wireless technology binaural fitting was born. Today, technological innovations in programmable digital technology continue to optimize the performance of hearing aids. According to statistics, there are currently about4000Hearing aids for hearing-impaired patients, only2009Year, there is near90010,000 hearing-impaired patients are equipped with hearing aids, and each year5%Speed ​​increase


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