The hidden function of hearing aids, you know a few

When hearing children can’t listen well4000When they are above Hertz, they learn a new word, and they need to listen three times as often as a normal child.(Pittman, 2008)This is one of the reasons why we emphasize the importance of high frequency hearing. However, the reality is often cruel, subject to technical limitations. Many children cannot fully compensate for high-frequency hearing through hearing aids. Therefore, compared with the traditional amplification, the range can be expanded. The concept of frequency shift is to move high-frequency information to the low-frequency region. Although the technology and concept are controversial, they are often used in daily tuning and fitting. The technology can be divided into the following three types.


Noise suppression

Numerous studies have confirmed that directional microphones are one of the most effective methods in many noise suppression techniques, but for infants or young children, audiologists disagree on the use of directional microphones.

Adaptive directionality(adaptive directional microphone)

When it is quiet, it automatically turns into a omnidirectional microphone mode, and automatically switches to a directional microphone in a noisy environment.

Some hearing aids may be more advanced. When the processor judges that the background sound is voice, it can still maintain the omnidirectional microphone mode, which allows the user to hear more information in the conference and arena. However, whether this technology is suitable for children and infants, audiologists disagree, and some audiologists believe that unless children have the ability to maintain the direction of the main source of information, it is not recommended to open this function because it will disrupt the main information. Radio.

Binaural efficiency Noise treatment

Some advanced hearing aids have a binaural microphone linkage function to achieve the “super directional” effect as the manufacturer says, as shown in the following figure, when the bilateral hearing aids have binaural processing capabilities, their directionality and The noise reduction processing capability is greatly enhanced compared to the single side.


Than traditionalFMThe system works better, is more convenient to use, and is less susceptible to interference from other signals.

Hearing aid hidden function that you don’t know


Some hearing aid products claim to be able to swim in publicity, but according to user feedback, it is not really waterproof. Unlike the fully waterproof cochlear implants that can be worn by swimming, most hearing aids can only be waterproof and reduce sweat through nanotechnology. And earwax damage, some hearing aids can also be water-repellent or short-term water.

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