The hearing aids in the ears have a resonance, what is going on?

Considering the ear plugging effect, the hearing aids are worn in both ears, and the low-frequency sounds are sealed in the ear canal, and the low-frequency gain is increased. The customer has been hearing loss for a long time, and is not suitable for the new voice. It is recommended to adapt to the acceptable range.,If you can’t get used to it after the adaptation period, consider replacing it.


Regarding hearing aids for the treatment of tinnitus, if you do have a problem of hearing loss, some masking effects of hearing aids, to some extent, the so-called treatment, in fact, is still not to eliminate tinnitus, but to make the sound of tinnitus masked by ambient noise, long time Under the cover, the sound of tinnitus will not cause trouble to you. There is also a case where there is echo, which is said to be a plugging effect in professional terms, and normal hearing.2When a finger blocks the ear and talks to himself, there will be an echo. This situation is generally better for low frequencies. Patients with poor high frequency are more common. There are too many low frequency components. This will happen in the ear canal. Hearing recommends that the machine with an external receiver will reduce the blocking effect

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