The hearing aid sound is getting smaller, what should I do?

There are two types of moisture absorbing equipment for household use:1.Silicone moisture-absorbing drying box,2.Plug-in electronic drying box. The first is physical moisture absorption, the effect is poor; the second is warming evaporation of moisture, the effect is better. Although the electronic drying box is more expensive at the time of one-time purchase, the effect is good and the service life is long, which is preferred. In order to deal with the moisture of the hearing aid, in addition to the daily operation at home, it is also necessary to go to the fitting center regularly for professional dehumidification maintenance: the method of vacuum dehumidification is used to dry the hearing aid, and the effect is best. It is recommended to perform it once a month or so. The hearing aid is well maintained, free from moisture, and the listening effect is stable and does not change, and the life of the hearing aid can be extended.


The earwax blocked the ear canal blocked by earwax, which is not cleaned in time, which will affect the transmission of sound waves, resulting in poor hearing aids of the hearing aid, and the sound becomes light and unclear. The sound hole of the hearing aid is blocked by ear wax. If it is not cleaned every day, the hearing aid will be silent or the sound will be small, resulting in the user’s conscious voice being small and unclear. It is important for the user to form a good cleaning habit: clean the ears regularly and clean the sound hole of the hearing aid every day.

Hearing aids are high-precision electronic products that are afraid of collisions; however, hearing aids are often damaged by collisions for various reasons; when hearing aids are damaged, there may be silence or sounds becoming smaller. When using the hearing aid, the user should take extra care, take it lightly, and put it into a special box when not in use to avoid damage to the hearing aid. In case of damage, you can get professional treatment in the fitting center.


1.When the battery is not powered, the sound of the hearing aid will be lighter;

2.When the sound of the hearing aid becomes light and the hearing is not clear, it should be promptly reported to the fitter for processing.

3.Hearing aids become lighter and are often caused by multiple factors.

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