The hearing aid accidentally fell into the water, what should I do?

1Open the battery compartment first to remove the battery and turn off the switch.

2If it is a back-to-back machine, immediately remove the eardrum or ear hook attached to the hearing aid.


3Wipe the hearing aid case with a cotton paper or cotton cloth that absorbs moisture and wrap it for a few minutes.

4In time, it can be sent to the fitting center for treatment. If it cannot be delivered in time, the hearing aid can be placed in a well-ventilated place, then placed in a desiccant. Do not blow it with a hair dryer, and inadvertently blow water into the speaker and microphone.

5The time when the hearing aid is on hold should not be too long. If you have time, you should get it at the fitting center. Remember not to put the battery back in. Some users are lucky. After simple processing, they want to hear it. Even if the hearing aid is ringing, don’t go in time. In addition to moisture, etc., the consequences will be more serious, many parts need to be replaced, and even hearing aids will be scrapped.

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