Wuhan Has been left deserted amid the dealdy coronavirus outbreak.To conain the spread of the virus, authorities ordered a city-Wide lock down on 23th Jan.There used to be alot of people on the streets, many people, but now there are few.

Now every family stays at home, insted of going out.Every tries tohave a s little interactin as possible. The city of 11 million people is the capital of Hubei province, China’s industrial heartland.Across China the virus had infected more than 28 thousands people and killed over 500 hundreds by 6th Feb.All the planes have been grounded, the high-way has been suspended, which is diffcult to get out of Wuhan because of the prevention and control work.People are afraid of the spread of the epidemic. Now it has also sprad to France, Japan, Sigapore, Thailand, the US and other countries.

However, Chinese still gather thousands of Volunteer and workers to bulid Huoshenshan Hospital in 10 days! The hospital is being bulit to treat pneumonia patients with the novel coronavirus. Millions of people was surprised by Chinese guts and efficiency, and show the great massive respect to all workers, unsung heroes for the country. It might the first and the only one country in the world which is capable to do that!

With such great and lovely people nearby, we do believe that we can beat the virus soon! Hence we can live safely and produce better hearing aids, make the country better, and create a better world!


Link:The Great China, the great Chinese

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