Ordinary desiccant: ordinary desiccant uses discolored silica gel to absorb water vapor and achieve the purpose of drying and moisture absorption. Discolored silica gel, also known as blue glue, has a strong adsorption on water vapor in the air, and with the increase of moisture absorption, the color of silica gel will change from blue to light red. Ordinary desiccant is cheap, easy to use and can be dried for a long time.

The following problems should be paid attention to in daily use:

1. After the ordinary desiccant, please close the cover in time;

2. Observe the color of discolored silica gel. If the color becomes light or light red, it is better to replace it with a new one;

3. A sponge or cotton cloth should be placed between the discolored silica gel and the hearing aid to prevent silica gel particles from entering the hearing aid;

4. Put the hearing aid into the desiccant, please open the battery compartment door.

Electronic desiccant: the electronic desiccator uses the mains power to heat the heating element at a constant temperature and evaporate the water vapor with the heat to achieve the purpose of drying and moisture absorption. At present, there are many kinds of electronic dryers on the market. Some of them not only have working attitude indicator lights, but also timing devices. Users can choose according to their own needs. When using the electronic dryer, please read the product manual carefully. Different products have different durative drying time. Generally speaking, the temperature of the electronic dryer is set between 40 ° C and 50 ° C, which will not damage the hearing aid, but it is recommended that the drying time of the single qualification should not exceed 8 hours.

When using the electronic dryer, the following problems should be paid attention to:

1. Do not dry the hearing aid in the electronic dryer for a long time;

2. When the electronic dryer is working, please close the cover;

3. When the hearing aid is put into the electronic dryer, please open the door of the battery compartment, and it is better to take out the battery and place it properly;

4. Do not use the electronic dryer for a long time, please remove the power supply to delay the service life and save energy.

As long as we do timely and effective drying, we can stay away from the erosion of sweat, moisture-proof is no longer a problem. Let’s all take action, do a good job in moistureproof work and protect our hearing aids.

The procedures of hearing aid maintenance are compared, so people who buy hearing aids generally think about how to maintain hearing aids. The most basic thing is usually to pay attention to cleaning, and it is also very important to prevent dampness. There are various ways to prevent moisture. Some people think that the northern area is dry, so they don’t need to dry the hearing aids. Some people think that their ears are not damp, so they don’t need to dry the hearing aids. Guangdong Jiayin hearing aid maintenance thinks that these understandings have some one sidedness.

Because the speakers and microphones of hearing aids are electronic sound processing components, their working environment is in the ear canal. The ear canal itself secretes the same liquid as sweat, which condenses on the hairs at the front of the ear canal. Some people’s secretions are especially popular: oil ear. This shows that the hearing aid actually works in a humid environment.

There are also some people because of tympanitis caused by perforation of the tympanum, and the fluid secreted by the mucoid layer of the middle ear will continuously flow into the outer ear; sometimes the pus will also flow into the outer ear when the middle ear is inflamed. These conditions make hearing aids not work in a dry environment. In addition, climate change can cause the temperature of hearing aids to be higher or lower than the ambient temperature. This will cause the water vapor in the air to condense in the hearing aid. Therefore, hearing aids need to be kept dry frequently. Prepare an electronic dryer to put the hearing aid in every night. It is very necessary to maintain it. If you persist in doing so, you can extend the service life of the hearing aid.

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