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The purpose of children’s hearing aid fitting is to provide them with appropriate auditory amplification input as early as possible.,Make it possible to obtain the opportunity of oral acceptance and communication, language development, literacy skills and psychosocial development in accordance with the actual age, and reduce the impact of hearing loss caused by permanent hearing loss. Limited to cognitive development and subjective fit, the hearing of hearing aids for hearing-impaired children is more challenging than for adults.


Fetal development to embryo25~26Week, the basic structure of the cochlea and the complete auditory conduction pathway have been formed, and the auditory system has preliminary functions. From birth to6Months are a critical period of development of the auditory system, called the neural coding stage. During this period, under the stimulation of sound, the auditory system developed rapidly. The cochlear hair cells, the nerve fibers of the auditory brainstem pathway, and the neurons of the auditory cortex correspond to sounds of specific frequency and intensity, and the frequency perception function of sound. Mature. During this period, it is in the preparation stage of pediatric language development, and the sound stimulation of sufficient intensity is their language.An important prerequisite for the normal development and healthy development of speech. At this stage, hearing aids for hearing-impaired infants can not only facilitate the connection of their auditory pathways, but also reduce the impact of permanent hearing loss on the shaping of auditory nerve pathways, as well as the smooth connection between the auditory center, the language-sensing hub, and the language-sports hub. Interaction plays a very important role. to this end,2007The American Infant Hearing Joint Committee advocates that infants who have been diagnosed with permanent hearing loss should be diagnosed1Within the month and6Amplify the device a month ago. In recent years, with the continuous development of genetic testing technology and electrophysiology testing technology, the diagnosis of hearing impairment in infants is more accurate, and the hearing aid fitting time is advanced to the time after birth.2~3Months. As for the initial hearing aid fitting of acquired hearing-impaired children, the current consensus is that after the deafness is clear and clinical practice proves that the treatment is invalid.3Completed within a month.

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