The baby needs to wear a hearing aid. Is there a special child machine?

Each brand has a special child hearing aid, which should be debugged according to the specific situation. It is best to go to a professional hearing aid fitting agency for fitting. Early detection, early correction, and early education are also explained by early detection and diagnosis, early hearing compensation, and early training. This is an intervention adopted by children in hearing-language disorders in China.”Three mornings”in principle.

Each manufacturer has a child-specific hearing aid. The hearing aid needs to be selected according to the hearing, just like wearing glasses. The nature of the deafness and the degree of hearing loss determine the appearance and functional requirements of the hearing aid, so the hearing aids according to the hearing options often have the effect. It will be better. In short, it is the best. If you need to consult the optional hearing aid, you are advised to consult the local professional chain fitting center. The chain fitting center has many models, you can audition, and the real ear analysis makes the debugging more precise. A variety of choices, the effect can be compared, after-sales service is guaranteed

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