Taobao boughtHearing aidCan you rely on it?[The answer you can’t think of]

Today, I will share with you my personal experience. You should buy it at Taobao.Hearing aid. First of all, I have to ask everyone if you have bought a hearing aid in Taobao. How do you feel? What are the advantages of Taobao hearing aids?


1This is convenient and time-saving. This may be an advantage because you don’t need to talk to the store’s fittings slowly. Under my personal statistics, it is useful to use a hearing aid for a few hours.40Minute, but have not heard of it10Minutes, after all, he will introduce you to the product, or do a test for you.10About a minute.

2, cheap, this is awesome, I personally think that most people buy things in Taobao, they feel cheap, and Ma always understands our minds. Nothing to say, it is cheap.

3The return is simple, Taobao bought it is not easy to use, send it back and retreat. You don’t have to go to the store to retreat. Everyone is embarrassed. This is really embarrassing. Think about it. You go to someone’s shop to buy something. It’s not like clothes. If you buy it, you will leave, a hearing aid transaction. It takes a lot of time for the individual and the fitter to spend a lot of time at the same time. It is really not easy. Return is also a choice.

4.You can pretend to be your own ear. Some people are not willing to let others know, don’t let them know that their ears are not good, don’t want others to know, so they will choose to secretly buy.

The above is the advantage that I can think of Taobao. You can see if this is the case. I will write some shortcomings of Taobao hearing aids tomorrow. Time is limited today.

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