Six classic questions common to buying hearing aids

Studies have shown that hearing loss, the brain’s stimulation of the sound is reduced, the need to sacrifice some of the energy used to deal with memory and thinking to deal with the sound, causing the decline in thinking and memory of the elderly. It is recommended that the family bring the elderly to the hospital to do related hearing tests. If the doctor’s diagnosis is senile deafness, it is recommended to wear a hearing aid.


problem1: Will there be dependence after wearing a hearing aid?

Answer: The main purpose of wearing a hearing aid is to provide hearing compensation to keep your hearing close to normal. If the brain gets used to the convenience of a hearing aid, once the hearing aid is stopped, the brain suddenly becomes overwhelmed and creates the illusion of hearing loss. This is actually an inertia phenomenon, not a dependency.

problem2: Is it the sooner you wear it, the better?

Answer: This view is wrong. The occurrence of hearing impairment is a slow process of progress, from the beginning of hearing to the obvious hearing impairment of the patient itself. This process may be as long as possible.15year.

The longer the hearing loss, the less the auditory nerve stimulation, and the more obvious the hearing loss. The later you wear a hearing aid, even if you wear a hearing aid that matches your hearing, the effect will not be as good.

problem3: The more expensive the hearing aid, the better?

Answer: Hearing aids are not as expensive as possible. Selecting a hearing aid should select the line and power of the hearing aid based on the type and extent of hearing loss and the actual needs of the wearer.

problem4: Both ears are not good, can you wear only one?

Answer: Both ears are not good at hearing. Wearing only one hearing aid will not only affect the auditory effect, but also cause the listening sound to have no sense of direction. Moreover, this will cause the hearing of another ear without a hearing aid to fall faster than before.

problem5: Can someone else’s hearing aid be used?

Answer: The shape (bending) and hearing of each person’s ear canal are different. Wearing other people’s hearing aids may not be ideal.

problem6: Can you just find a pharmacy (medical equipment store) to buy?

Answer: Hearing aid fitting work must be performed by a professional with a certain qualification in rehabilitation audiology, using appropriate audiological assessment, testing, and diagnostic equipment in a specific acoustic environment such as a listening room. Therefore, it is recommended that you try not to buy at the general store.

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