Receiver In-Canal (RIC)

JH-D30 CIC invisible hearing aids 

Rechargeable hearing aids
Rechargeable hearing aids allow you the freedom to experience high quality sound without the worry of carrying spare batteries. Utilising the Li-ion battery, rechargeable aids allow you to carry on with your active life with simple and reliable charging.

Supported by Li-ion
What are Lithium ion hearing aids?
Li-ion is the battery technology utilising the power of lithium ions, this means you can reuse the same battery simply by recharging the hearing aids with the supplied charger.
Traditional hearing aid technology did not allow for this freedom and hearing aids required spares and replacement batteries. Amplifon have a wide variety of rechargeable hearing aids available and after a hearing test, our Audiologists can discuss with you the benefits of each product to suit your hearing profile and budget.

Hearing aid charger
How do you recharge hearing aids?
Simply plug in and go, each Rechargable hearing aid we sell at Jinghao comes with the appropriate charger to keep you going. We stock the most up to date hearing aid technology and ensure you have latest information and products available to you.

Our product range
Should I get rechargeable hearing aids?
There are many factors in deciding between hearing aids, Jinghao medical production a series of rechargeable hearing aids , include BTE, ITE, CIC , and bluetooth.

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