JH-W2 Bluetooth Rechargeable Mini ITE Digital Hearing Aids for Phone Connecting


Call now, with your G.Sound Buds

When Hearing Aid meets Bluetooth, life is changing.


Key features

1.5H charging,30H stand-by,change-on-go

The 12th generation of Bluetooth 5.0Hz,stable connected

Connect both ears,one key freely switch between Hearing Aid and phone call

Digital Noise reduction


Paring to a phone and entertainment

1.Turn on your phone and ensure its bluetooth function is activated. Search your bluetooth devices on your phone by following the phone’s instructions. Refer to your phone’s user manual for more information.

2.After a few second the phone will list the device as a discover device “W2”. Select it and follow your phone instructions to select this pairing.

3.Your phone will confirm the pairing, and then press Yes/Ok.

4.Finally, select to connect with the device from your phone. You can play music; Watch TV/movie and play gaim with your phone, then you can hear all the sound or music from the device.

5.When you connecting with Iphone , keep press the key button for 2 seconds, you can start the Siri.