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Hearing aid whistling sometimes occurs during the use of a hearing aid. Simply speaking, it is a harsh sound. The causes of hearing aid whistle can be summarized into two categories: one is the internal hearing aid whistling, and the other is the external hearing aid whistling. So, what are the two types of whistling? Why do hearing aids whistle? Hearing hearing aids take you to a brief look.

Causes of hearing aid whistling

First, the internal hearing of the hearing aid

The internal hearing aid whistling is a hearing aid whistling due to a problem inside the machine, which is customarily called internal acoustic feedback.

1.Internal whistling reason

One: the space inside the hearing aid is too small, causing the components of the machine to squeeze together, causing howling. Hearing aids with internal acoustic feedback are usually turned on for repair;

Second: there is a problem with the arrangement of components or circuits inside the hearing aid;

Third: due to the vibration, the components inside the hearing aid are misaligned or displaced, causing howling;

Fourth: the receiver is not well connected to the sound tube, and the water vapor enters the inside of the hearing aid, which causes the hearing aid to whistle inside.

2.Internal howling solution

Generally speaking, the internal hearing aid whistle is generated during the production, so to start the repair, the solution should be: use the small receiver as much as possible without affecting the effect of the hearing aid; maximize the appearance without affecting the aesthetics. The outer casing volume of the hearing aid; try to avoid the receiver and the other parts of the hearing aid from getting wet; when using it, pay attention to the shockproof; if necessary, return the hearing aid to the manufacturer for repair.

Second, the external hearing of the hearing aid

The so-called external hearing aid howling refers to the howling caused by the internal factors of non-hearing aids.

1.Cause of external howling

If the contact area between the hearing aid and the ear canal is not well combined and the sealing density is insufficient, it is easy to leak the amplified sound, reflect it in the external auditory canal, and then re-amplify the sound again through the microphone and the amplifier, so that the cycle is reached. The limit value of the sound output of the hearing aid finally forms an external hearing aid howling. Simply speaking, the hearing aid is not worn correctly or the hearing aid does not fit the ear canal.

2.External howling solution

The solution for the external hearing aid howling can try to choose a hearing aid that matches the ear canal when purchasing the hearing aid to reduce the probability of the hearing aid whistling. It is recommended to take the hearing aid out and wear it again when wearing it.

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