1. See a doctor in time for the best treatment time.

2. If it can’t be cured, the professional hearing aid fitting center should be selected as early as possible for scientific testing and fitting.

3. Try to avoid strong noise environment or wear anti noise earplugs.

4. Try to avoid water or foreign matters entering the ear canal, so as to prevent the infection of the ear canal from causing hearing damage again.

5. If there is too much earwax, it should not be removed by yourself. Please ask a doctor to solve it so as to avoid damaging your hearing again.

6. Keep enough sleep time, and be in a good mood. Don’t get angry in a hurry (more attention should be paid to tinnitus patients)

7. Take ototoxic drugs under the guidance of doctors.

8. Always pay attention to your listening condition and check your listening regularly.

What kind of deaf children do cochlear implant?

People with very severe hearing loss may benefit from cochlear implants. The World Health Organization (who) pointed out in the document that unless there are necessary medical, technical, educational, psychological, audiologist and other sources and services, they are generally not recommended. Moreover, where resources are limited, the use of limited information for less costly interventions may be more effective in preventing the huge burden of hearing loss.

So from who’s point of view, society and government are more inclined to invest in small prevention or use the same funds to help more children with moderate and mild hearing loss.

At present, domestic experts have a unified understanding. From the perspective of the indication of cochlear implant, the opinion of experts is that the majority of patients should adhere to the point of view of language training with hearing aids on both ears before surgery, which not only ensures the strict selection of the indication of surgery, but also makes the operation start-up, and the training effect is more obvious.

Of course, for deaf patients, such as those with enlarged vestibular aqueduct, to achieve the indication of cochlear implant surgery, especially for children, it is recommended to operate as soon as possible, otherwise it may have a lifelong impact on children’s language and intelligence.

In our opinion, for children with extremely severe or severe hearing impairment, if they wear hearing aids for six months in strict accordance with the cochlear implant work guidelines of Otolaryngology branch of Chinese Medical Association, the effect is not good. If they reach the indications of cochlear implant surgery, they should be operated as soon as possible, but for children whose family conditions are not enough or who can not receive social support temporarily, Don’t give up using hearing aids for hearing and speech rehabilitation training. It can be said that most of the severely deaf children can benefit from persisting in using hearing aids for hearing and speech rehabilitation training.

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