One ear has a cochlear implant, and the other has to wear a hearing aid?

It is best if the binaural wear achieves dual mode. Both ears have a stereo effect and a sense of direction and loudness is louder than a single ear, which is undoubtedly the best for a child who is accepting new things. Because I don’t understand the hearing loss of the questioner’s child, I can only analyze it. If you want to conduct a comprehensive analysis, you need to see the results of the inspection.


In the first case, since the child has already had a cochlear implant on one side, according to my parents’ work experience of the hearing-impaired child, the child is likely to have severe or severe hearing loss on both sides. In this case, the best choice is the bilateral cochlear implant, but considering the high price of the cochlear implant, most parents in China can afford a cochlear implant on one side. Therefore, the child in this situation, the opposite side of the cochlea is also severely severe hearing loss, wearing a hearing aid does not really mean much. Just let parents spend money. Some hearing aid dealers in China deliberately spread some rumors for their own sales performance. Anything without a hearing aid will lead to atrophy of the nerves, and threaten the parents’ already scarred hearts.

In the second case, the child’s hearing loss is severely severe on one side and mild to moderate on the other side. In fact, such parents are less likely to have a cochlea because one side is mild or moderate, and it is likely Directly with hearing aids, very few parents will be willing to do surgery. However, this possibility is not ruled out. For example, children with vestibular aqueduct syndrome have one side hearing loss to very severe, and the other side is moderate, so that one side can have a cochlea on one side and a hearing aid on the other side. Our language is called dual mode. This is technically achievable. However, there is a big problem in China. It is to adjust the machine, to adjust the hearing aid and to adjust the cochlear. There is no communication, so it is very difficult for a child to have a balanced and consistent hearing. There must be few, if any, cochlear implants and hearing aids in one institution.

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