Older hearing loss, should be equipped with hearing aids

The hearing-impaired elderly person arrives at the hearing aid fitting center for consultation; the hearing aid fitter collects his medical history, wearing history, and treatment history. Hearing aid fittings use electric otoscope to check the ears of the elderly to see the external auditory canal and tympanic membrane; if the external auditory canal is blocked by ear wax, it should be referred to the ear to wash the ear. The hearing loss of the elderly should be reduced. If the hearing aids are selected, the hearing aids will lead the elderly into the soundproof room for pure tone audiometry. Because of subjective testing, the elderly need to have a good mental state and a high willingness to cooperate with the fitter to complete the audiometry work. .


After the test, the audiogram is obtained. The fitter explains the audiogram content for the elderly: such as the degree of hearing loss, the type of hearing loss, whether the hearing aid can be fitted, and what kind of hearing aid can be selected. Hear the hearing aid recommended by the applicator. The fitter inputs the old man’s audiogram and applies it to the hearing aid; the old man wears the hearing aid in the debugging and feels the hearing effect given by the hearing aid. At this point, the fitter can debug the hearing aid according to the actual feeling of the old man until the old man wears it comfortably and hears it clearly.

After the elderly are satisfied with the audition effect of the hearing aid, they can choose the type of hearing aid that they like and apply, such as the ear type or the ear type. If you choose a behind-the-ear hearing aid, you can buy it home now. If you choose an in-ear hearing aid, you need to take the ear impression mold, make it custom; choose the day to go to the fitting center to take the machine; custom in-ear hearing aid, you need to re-edit the hearing aid before taking the machine, until you are satisfied, you can take it home. use.

After the hearing aid, the fitter guides the elderly to use the hearing aid, the method of replacing the battery, the method of hearing aids at home to prevent moisture, and how to better adapt to the hearing aid. Older people who wear hearing aids for the first time need an adaptation period of one to three months. The design life of the hearing aid is5-8In the year, when the elderly encounter problems during use, they can consult the fitter; the fitter assists in the handling.

When the elderly make a hearing aid, pay attention to the hearing aid waterproof and anti-collision. Healing aids are free of charge every month to the store. Every six months for the elderly~One year, the test center will retest the hearing for free.

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