Old people are not good at hearing, but are not willing to wear hearing aids?

If you haven’t already worn it, you don’t like to wear a hearing aid. There are generally several reasons:

1. Affecting the image: Many old people can’t accept the reality that their “ear is not good”. They think that wearing a hearing aid is a swearing. Most of the elderly are unwilling to believe and do not want to admit that they have heard the decline.

2.Insufficient consciousness: I always feel that my ears are awkward and do not affect my life. I usually talk to my wife and children at home. They can do it loudly, and I will hear it. For the elderly, if you really can’t hear the sound, you can call it deaf. They just have a little bit behind their ears, not awkward. In fact, under normal circumstances, the sooner you wear it, the better the effect of the hearing aid. The longer the delay, the lower the recognition rate will be, which will make the speech understanding difficult. At this time, the effect of selecting the hearing aid will be limited.


3.Hearing aid prices: Hearing impaired people who consulted the hearing aid fitting center or the hospital hearing center feel that hearing aids are expensive, which is one of the main reasons why some people do not want to choose hearing aids.

4. After wearing the hearing aid, the adaptation is slow, and I feel that it is uncomfortable. It is recommended that the hearing aid be slowly opened. The hearing aid is just wearing a rehabilitation process. Wearing a hearing aid is to solve the problem. Then we should have an attitude to adapt to the hearing aid.

5Many people think that the degree of wearing glasses will become higher and higher, and their vision will become worse and worse. Therefore, it is inferred that the hearing will be worse after hearing aids. According to professional international research, hearing aids will not cause secondary damage to hearing. . Unless the selected hearing aid is not professionally fitted. Hearing impaired people must undergo professional examinations and choose a professional hearing aid fitting center to select a hearing aid that is suitable for their own and can effectively improve hearing.

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