Misuse of hearing aids can affect hearing

The ear is not blind, the eye is not the ideal old age, but the reality is often unsatisfactory, the elderly gaze and the elderly people are everywhere, the aging of the body is not controlled by people. Fortunately, technology has helped us solve the problem. Reading glasses and hearing aids help our elderly people to continue to clearly and clearly observe the world, reach out to people, and communicate. Compared with the high usage rate of reading glasses, the popularity of hearing aids is much lower, and many misconceptions are circulating in the crowd, leaving many elderly friends to stay away from hearing aids.


Mistake 1: Using hearing aids can damage hearing

Ms. Li has been very upset recently, and their brothers and sisters have become increasingly nervous. It turns out that Mr. Li’s deafness is more serious. Before the old couple lived together, the tacit understanding of living together all the year, so that Mr. Wang could understand the meaning of his wife without a hearing aid. But before his wife died, Mr. Li was caught in loneliness. Although children are filial, they can’t hear and make communication between them difficult. Mr. Wang Lao, who is eager to communicate with his children, suffers from misunderstandings and inaudibles, and even angers his children. The atmosphere at home was very tense. In order to facilitate communication and ease the family atmosphere, Ms. Li wanted to give her father a hearing aid, but Mr. Li refused because he felt that the hearing aids were getting more and more ears. And give examples of neighbors, refuting Ms. Li.

Is it scientifically using a hearing aid, and hearing will not fall at all?? “Human aging is inevitable, just like presbyopia. Now everyone knows that presbyopia is in progress. This year’s reading glasses may not be suitable for next year. Hearing aids are the same. But scientifically, hearing aids can be used. Delay the speed of our hearing loss.”

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