Naruto drum relieves neurological tinnitus[Mingtian drum health care flow chart]

The kidney is open to the ear, so patients with kidney deficiency often have symptoms such as deafness and tinnitus, which also brings a lot of inconvenience to the life of patients with kidney deficiency. Here I teach you a trick, especially for the treatment of ear disease caused by kidney deficiency. This method is called Mingtian drum in Chinese medicine.

The law was first seen in Qiu Chuji’s “The Collection”. “The two hands cover the ear, that is, the second finger presses the middle finger, and the second finger hits the back of the brain to make a sound.(Can be hurricane pool evil)In the later generations of “The Six Books of the River”, “The General Record of Shengji”, “The Essentials of the Age of Rehabilitation” and “The Health and the Sixteen Suitable”, there are records of the practice of the Mingtian drum; known as the traditional fitness of our country.” This method has also been adopted by Ba Duan Jin and Yi Yi Jing. From this we can see the important role of this method.


Mingtian drum is to rub the hands together, use the Laogong acupoint to stick to the ear hole, put the two hands on the jade pillow hole behind the back of the head, tighten the ears, the left hand is on the upper right hand, and use the left middle finger to knock the right middle finger to vibrate the brain. The nerves make the blood flow in the body. The reason why it is called “Naruto Drum” is because the sound emitted in this process is like drumming, so the ancients called it “Mingtiangu”.

Chinese medicine believes that the kidney is open to the ear, and only the essence of the kidney is sufficient, and one’s hearing condition will be better. If the kidney is insufficient and the kidney is deficient, the patient will have symptoms of dizziness and tinnitus. I often practice the Tiantian Drum, which has the effect of regulating the kidney and strengthening the kidney. It has certain preventive and rehabilitation effects on dizziness, forgetfulness, tinnitus and other symptoms of kidney deficiency. Therefore, friends with kidney deficiency, tinnitus and forgetfulness may wish to try.

Mingtiangu is a very simple method of health and it is worth a try. Just use the morning or a little time before going to bed, whether you are on the way to work or lying in bed, you can do it every day, not only can play a healthy role, but also delay aging.

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