With the approval of the disabled persons’ Federation of China and the relevant departments of the national health and Family Planning Commission, China Research Center for the rehabilitation of deaf children and other professional institutions carried out the latest national hearing impairment and ear disease survey around 2015. According to the survey, 15.8% of the people in our country suffer from hearing impairment, about 200 million; 5.2% of the total population suffer from disability hearing impairment, that is, people with moderate or above hearing impairment, about 70 million.

This is a very large crowd, so many hearing impaired patients need to wear hearing aids, but the brands of hearing aids are various. Many patients feel dazzled when they choose hearing aids, and they can’t do anything about it. Next, Jinghao hearing will introduce some internationally famous hearing aids brands for you, hoping you have a basic understanding of hearing aids brands.

The global market of digital programming hearing aids is relatively small and the cost of research and development of hearing chips and hearing software is relatively high. Therefore, more than 95% of the global market share is concentrated in the hands of hearing aid manufacturers in Europe and the United States.

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Belton, USA

Bertone, make the world more beautiful

Bertone brand, originated from the United States, has achieved a team with outstanding professional performance in the application of digital technology, product development and service diversity after more than 70 years of development and innovative research and development. Bertone’s excellent quality performance makes it popular in North America, and its products and services are all over the world. Now, Bertone has come to China and fully studied the listening needs of Asian users. With excellent and mature technology and sincere service, every Bertone user will feel the kind care of friends all the time. Bertone is committed to making the world more beautiful.

In 2000, Bertone joined GN hearing Big Nordic hearing technology group is a listed company in Denmark, which has many brand products related to sound and hearing technology, such as hearing aids, Bluetooth headset, etc. its business involves medical, office and consumer level mobile devices.

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Bertone firmly believes that anyone should have better hearing and enjoy a better life To achieve this, Bertone also sets a set of guidelines:

Beltone is based on health care

Bertone people oriented

Beltone clearly communicates its solutions and benefits

Hearing care professionals play a key role between Beltone and hearing impaired people

At Belton, we firmly believe that everyone has the right to better listening.

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Resound Denmark

Founded in 1869, Dabei group, the parent company of rsda hearing group, is the first large multinational listed company engaged in communication, communication and hearing medical equipment in the world. The group’s main businesses include hearing aids, hearing testing equipment, Bluetooth headset, etc. All kinds of products produced by the group and the communication equipment of Dabei combine the world’s top acoustics and audiology technology, and rely on the strong background of science and technology and medical industry to make the products have many excellent functions in function analysis and sound processing. In speech signal processing, it shows the real speech characteristics for users. The extensive application of many advanced core technologies makes the products of Dabei group become the best in the industry. Its service outlets are located in 86 countries and regions around the world, and its products are known as the best life and work partners for people with hearing loss all over the world. The group is committed to improving people’s quality of life and providing first-class listening solutions to the majority of hearing impaired people, so as to help them feel the wonderful world of sound again.

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Odicon, Denmark

The reason why founder Hans DeMint founded Audi con in 1904 is very good: his wife is a patient with hearing loss, and he hopes to help her and other people suffering from hearing loss lead a better life. Hans DeMint deeply realized that hearing loss, a complex problem, would greatly hinder people’s communication.

Audi health concept – people-oriented. Under the influence of Hans’ idea of “people-oriented”, his son William and his wife set up William Diamond & Emily charitable fund in 1957, which was later known as the Audi Wellcome fund. The Fund Ordinance provides for all income to be used to support the needs of people and groups with hearing loss. The income of Audi health foundation mainly comes from the shares of Audi health hearing group in Denmark.

Audi health Denmark is the only hearing group that has its own design integrated circuit production company. Its ear back hearing aids are all produced by robots in the Thisted factory in Denmark. The ultra large scale integrated circuit movement is designed. The nearly demanding high-performance parts are packed with six major parts. The salt spray test and drop test before leaving the factory bring high reliability to Audi health hearing aids!

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Swiss peak force

Fengli listening group, a subsidiary of sonova group, headquartered in Stafa, Zurich, Switzerland, is a multinational listed enterprise specializing in the research, development, production and sales of high-tech hearing aids and FM radio frequency modulation hearing aids. It is the academic leader in the global listening industry.

Relying on professional hearing technology and cooperation with the majority of hearing health care experts, sonova group is committed to improving the living standards of hearing impaired people. Its hearing aids and cochlear products have a high reputation in the global market, with a global market share of more than 20% for many years in a row and more than 3000 employees worldwide. It is one of the giants in the global hearing health industry.

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Singapore xiwantuo

The predecessor of Siemens Group is s.a.t. Siemens hearing aid used to be a traditional hearing aid manufacturer for many years, and was once the world’s leading brand of hearing aids. In 2014, Siemens Group announced that it would sell all business of Siemens hearing group to investment company EQT at a price of 2.15 billion euros. In 2015, Siemens hearing group officially changed its name to sivantos group. At present, xiwantuo group provides hearing aid products for the market, including four brands, namely, signia, audio service, Rexton and a & M, as well as corresponding accessories, matching software, smartphone app and hearing diagnosis solutions.

In 2016, xiwantuo Group officially launched the signia brand, marking that Siemens hearing aid will gradually withdraw from the global market.

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Starker, USA

In 1967, Mr. Austin founded stark and promised “our own strength is limited, but together, we can change the world.” Today, Starck still sticks to this commitment. That’s why for every sale of a starker hearing aid, starker donates part of the proceeds to the starker hearing foundation for free, so as to help people who are eager to listen in the world.

At present, starker has more than 3600 employees and 21 production bases in more than 18 countries. Starker hearing technology is the leader of hearing aid industry. In recent years, starker has always put patients’ needs first, solved problems and met their demands, such as obtaining the best sound quality in all listening environments, setting simple and easy-to-use volume switches and program buttons, more powerful chips with more computing power, gorgeous and charming appearance design. Starker has set a benchmark in the industry. Former US presidents Ford, Reagan, Bush and Clinton are all Staker’s loyal supporters.

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