Hearing aids are often used by people with hearing loss, but many people don’t pay too much attention to deafness. There are many reasons for this. For example, some people think it’s not good to wear hearing aids when they are deaf. When they are seen by others, they will inevitably have a little inferiority complex. Some people think that deafness also belongs to disability, so I wear hearing aids Is it to admit that I am a “disabled person”, but the most people still think that deafness is not a big deal, it’s just not very audible, it doesn’t matter.

The purpose of wearing hearing aids is to wear them as early as possible. Theoretically speaking, the shorter the time of hearing loss, the better the effect of wearing hearing aids. The therapeutic effect is naturally the best. For example, the golden therapeutic time of sudden deafness is within 72 hours, but some people will drag it to 1 month, or even 3 months later, and they can hardly hear it When we ask why we don’t come as early as possible, the reason is that I’m too busy to have time. I don’t think I can hear you for a while, and it will be better later. However, when you wait until this time for treatment, it’s too late. The hearing loss is very serious, and the hearing can’t be recovered naturally.

Everyone’s definition of hearing loss is not the same or accurate. Therefore, it is necessary to go to a professional fitting center to check the hearing through a professional machine. Theoretically speaking, hearing loss above 120 decibels can be called total deafness, while most of the people’s hearing loss is severe or above.

It’s too late to wear hearing aids when this kind of hearing loss is reached. Especially for patients with extremely severe hearing loss, it’s worse than severe hearing loss, but it’s better than total deafness, and there’s still a trace of residual hearing. For these people, even if they wear hearing aids with super high power rate and communicate with others, it’s not necessarily guaranteed to hear what the other party is saying 。 If they want to hear the sound again, they can only choose to implant the cochlear implant. However, the price of the cochlear implant is incomparable with that of the hearing aid.

So when we have hearing loss or symptoms, we must go to the hospital for treatment as soon as possible. If necessary, we should wear hearing aids as soon as possible. Don’t choose to wear hearing aids until you can’t hear. This time is often too late.

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