Is your hearing aid good?

The high-end hearing aid is compensated according to the patient’s hearing loss level and the hearing curve. The debugging accuracy is high, the sound quality is more natural, and the clarity and comfort are also higher. Ordinary hearing aids simply amplify the sound, the sound quality is more distorted, and the clarity is relatively poor.


In general, the filtering effect of your hearing aid noise is better than that of ordinary hearing aids, but it is not as expensive as possible. It is still necessary to purchase hearing aids according to the patient’s own condition. First, go to the professional hearing aid organization for ear examination and ear examination. Hearing test evaluation, according to the type, degree and actual needs of his hearing loss, select the line and power of the hearing aid, and select the appropriate hearing aid. It is worth noting that after the hearing aid is made, the patient should wear it and use it for a period of time before fine-tuning it to the fitting mechanism.

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