[Does hearing bad affect your speech?]What are the effects of poor hearing on language function?

For many hearing loss friends who appear after the language, it is difficult to link the bad hearing and the speech function. It is always a problem that the hearing is not good. How can it be related to the speech and the brain?

With normal hearing friends, we can understand that there is no language barrier in general and it will not affect normal language communication.


If the hearing loss is light, there is no difficulty in listening to the general voice, but in many occasions, the hearing is difficult, and the smaller voice is not easy to hear. This situation is more pronounced if the high frequency drops significantly. If this is the case for infants and young children, his normal language development and intellectual development will be affected to varying degrees.

Hearing loss is moderate, and it is difficult to hear the normal volume. If the child is in infants and young children, it can lead to language development retardation, affecting children’s language learning and training.

Hearing loss is severe or extremely severe. Hearing difficulties when speaking loudly, or only having a sense of voice and not distinguishing speech can lead to abnormal pronunciation and language barriers. The ear only transmits sound, and when it reaches the brain, it can decode, distinguish and analyze the sound, and truly understand what it means to participate in more communication. The most basic special ability of a person is communication. Therefore, to enjoy a better voiced world, it is necessary to intervene as early as possible to avoid affecting the decline in speech resolving power, thus affecting the intervention effect and rehabilitation effect.

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