Invisible hearing aid introductionAdvantages and disadvantages of invisible hearing aids

Invisible hearing aid, akaIICIt is smaller than the average hearing aid. It is placed in the depths of the ear canal. Wearing this kind of hearing aid, it is completely invisible to the hearing aid from the outside. This is the reason for its “invisible” name.

IIC.Invisible in canal, meaning invisible hearing aids. When fitting a hearing aid, the following points should be noted for invisible hearing aids:


1Invisible hearing aids are generally more expensive

Never think of an invisible hearing aid that can be purchased with thousands or even hundreds. Really formal invisible hearing aids are generally tens of thousands, it belongs to the advanced products of hearing aids, and has some advantages in acoustic performance, suitable for people who have higher requirements for hearing aids.

2Invisible hearing aid is not an ordinary in-ear machine

Some merchants’ own hearing aid products can’t, so I want to use ordinaryITE,ITCOther types of machines to promote is “invisible hearing aids”, in fact, this is a bit misleading consumers suspect.

At present, the internationally recognized standard for invisible hearing aids is onlyIIC,evenIICThe Chinese translations are all invisible ear canal machines.

What do you need to pay attention to invisible hearing aid fitting?

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3Invisible hearing aids are widely used

It is not that the invisible hearing aid is small in size, so it has a small power and is not suitable for people with high hearing loss. Invisible hearing aids are small and concealed, and invisible hearing aids can be used for both moderate and medium hearing loss. And although it is small, it is very convenient to wear, it can be placed directly into the ear canal, it is easy to carry, and it is not easy to fall.

4Invisible hearing aids will not feel very blocked

Some people think that wearing a hearing aid in the ear, the ear will not feel blocked?

The invisible hearing aid can reduce the blockage and wear the hearing aid deep into the ear canal, which greatly reduces the resonance of the cartilage, thus minimizing the blockage.

5Invisible hearing aids have good noise reduction

The configuration of the general invisible hearing aids is very high, and the configuration has a good noise reduction system, which can automatically adapt to various environments and hear the surrounding sounds.

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