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The fine raindrops floated out of the window, moisturizing the warmth of thirst. My mood has slowly calmed down, it is a confession to my friends! From2008At the beginning of the year, after a year of silent world life, after repeated considerations, I finally made up my mind: I had a cochlear implant at the Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Hospital of Fudan University in Shanghai before and after the Spring Festival. As a personal experience, I wrote this experience and shared it with you. The writing is not good, please bear with me!

My ear is hearing loss caused by sudden abruptness. The diagnosis of many experts is: neurological deafness. At that time, many treatments were carried out, but it has not been effective. For various reasons, hearing continues to decline. First of all, the treatment of deafness, traditional Chinese medicine, western medicine, infusion, acupuncture, remedies, etc., all methods have been tested, and also spent a lot of money, but no effect[Here I want to remind everyone that the current medical technology, neurological deafness does not have an effective method.]. Finally, with the help of the work unit and the support of the family, I finally made up my mind to do cochlear surgery.


Because of me2006In March, at the Shanghai Fudan Eye Otolaryngology Hospital, Professor Chi Fang Lu was first diagnosed. At that time, after giving me a course of treatment, I suggested that I undergo cochlear surgery. So this time, the choice of the late professor. Then there is the registration, waiting in line. The appointment is January25Day surgery, then you need to do a pre-operative evaluation one week in advance, and then go to the pre-operative examination items, namely: electric test[Binaural gas guide]Otoacoustic emission[OAB]CTTransverse position+The crown position is swept,CRChest radiography, electrocardiogram, blood coagulation, urinalysis, blood routine, liver function+Renal function+Sugar, two and a half+S14A total of ten inspections. A week later, the results were taken to Professor Chi for a final confirmation and then waiting for surgery. During this period, you need to contact the cochlear implant agent to talk about the model and price of the selected cochlear implant and the follow-up services. Since I can’t hear the voice and can’t communicate, I said that my family chose and negotiated on my behalf, and finally chose the United States.Cochlear implant.

Ready to go, go to the special needs ward to prepare for surgery one day before the operation. The cost of surgery is probably the same: surgery and hospitalization cost about 10,000 yuan, of course, the deposit paid by the hospital is1.5Ten thousand, more back and less. The price of the cochlear implant when I went, the Australian brand engaged in activities, the ear back machine is16Million, body machine is13Million, the American brand is also engaged in activities, the price is also16Million. Austria may be cheaper, I have no contact. But it looks18You can have surgery for about 10,000. Who knows how good things are, because the late professor wants to open a meeting, the family seems to have something, the surgery is postponed.10day. The wait in the middle is the most devastating, not to mention it!

Finally waited2Month6Day, smooth entry[Special needs ward]For the final preparation. During this period, talk to the operator and sign an agreement, talk to the anesthesiologist, experiment with anesthesia, and understand the risks of surgery. Surgery notice noon the next day12Point into the operating room. Be informed before surgery6Can’t eat and drink for hours, considering the morning5,6I couldn’t eat at the clock, I got four halogen egg mats at night. The next day, I put on the patient’s service provided by the hospital and went to the operating room. I was still awake outside the operating room. After half an hour, I put a bottle of water.[May be an anesthetic]WaitingNFor a long time, entering the operating room, the nurse reminded me to go to the operating table to lie down, put on a seat belt, and went to sleep…

After waking up, I am already in the ward.[Later, my brother said that it was from the operating room at three o’clock in the afternoon.]The first feeling at this time is[nausea].[Anesthesia has not passed, no pain]Dry mouth, smelly smell in the throat, want to vomit and want to drink water, was told after surgery6I can’t eat or drink for hours. The second feeling came: dizzy. This way, you can only lie down and feel uncomfortable. The headache at night, the pain of the knife came, the uncomfortable taste, I can’t describe it… I had to sleep at night, but I couldn’t sleep, why? During this period, there are a lot of taboos: lying on the pillows, closing your eyes, preventing dizziness, not being able to look up quickly, getting up, unwinding your hands, not sneezing, sneezing, blowing your nose, eating[Semi-liquid]Do not bite, swallow it directly. Anyway, this is the opposite of the previous habits, very uncomfortable. Finally arrived the next day, transferred to the general ward and replaced2Level of care, and the dressing can be replaced on the same day, change the pressure bandage every day, and lose one bottle a day. On the third day, the head suddenly became dizzy, and the wound was more painful than the previous two days, and the face on the surgical side was swollen. Just this day, Professor Chi came to the rounds, listened to the situation, and told me to add a medicine, and the situation was better. This is to eat some semi-liquid things every day, the mouth salty sputum is originally the debris discharged from the surgical site, not too vigorous activity, plus dizziness, is rest. Hey! I have a backache when I sleep, it is a bed. On the tenth day, I was discharged from the hospital. At this time, the knife was already crusted. After the last medicine was changed, I was told that I should prevent infection, my ears could not enter the water, and the bandage could be removed in two days.

When I was discharged from the hospital, the knife was not painful, but the head still fainted irregularly. The tinnitus was very powerful. I replied that some medicines for treating tinnitus were taken back to eat. At this time, it was already twenty-eightth of the twelfth lunar month. I couldn’t buy a train ticket to go home. I had to spend a Spring Festival in Shanghai:2Month21On the day, according to the appointment time, I went to the Baoqing Road Hearing Center to start up. After more than an hour of debugging, thank God: I can hear the sound.

The sound at this time is a bit strange to me. It is not the same as the previous sound. I was told to have a stage of adaptation, and I have to constantly adjust. Anyway, I can already hear the sound, I am very happy. With this feeling, I returned to my home. At this time, it was already the sixth day of the New Year. I decided to start the New Year.

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