According to foreign medical research, Jinghao has put forward five points of view on hearing loss. It is suggested that hearing loss should be detected and dealt with as early as possible.

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1. Better listening enables you to have better communication and bring more joy

The research shows that 69.7% of hearing impaired people improve their interpersonal relationship after wearing hearing aids, while 35.5% of hearing impaired people improve their life after wearing hearing aids.

2. Without hearing aid, the brain will work harder, so it is easy to feel tired, stressed and depressed.

According to the official website of Jinghao hearing aids, 83.1% of hearing impaired people can improve their quality of life after wearing hearing aids.

3. Hearing impaired people expect to resume social life and maintain sound stimulation to the brain.

According to Jinghao hearing aid website, hearing loss will increase the risk of depression, dementia and cardiovascular diseases. About 38.3% of hearing loss patients improved their health after wearing hearing aids.

4. When you don’t hear the sound, your brain will forget the sound

The later you wear the hearing aid, the more difficult it will be for the brain to understand the sound.

5. People with hearing loss are more likely to get sick and pay less than those with normal hearing

According to foreign studies, statistics on the proportion of leave in one year show that the proportion of hearing loss patients taking sick leave is 15% higher than that of normal people. It is also found that the salary of hearing impaired people is often lower than the average.

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