If you have no resolution, can you wear a hearing aid?

a young man29Years old, because family conditions are not good, parents are gone, brother is accompanying his brother to accompany the hearing aid, only gestures, can not speak or write, but with hearing aids can hear the sound, at least can understand others say What can be said, can basically respond correctly, can survive in the normal population.2012Year4Month10Ms. Sun,26The age of hearing loss is as follows:250HZ 85,500HZ90,750HZ90 ,100HZ105,1500HZ105,2000HZ115,3000HZ115 4000HZ120,6000HZ-8000HZNo hearing, no language resolution, now working in a lighting factory, communication with family and colleagues depends on writing, because the conditions in the home are not good, and there is no formal fitting institution like our company, if it is small I can bring a simulator at the time. I think she should be able to communicate with others now. I will give her a try.UP,After wearing it, the effect is ok. Although there are some individual words that are not good, but listen to it and save more information slowly, the effect will slowly get better. The family feels that the effect is ok, and the machine is fixed.


Irregular life is prone to sudden deafness. Nowadays, stress in life can also cause sudden deafness. Long-sound headphones hurt our hearing. Modern people’s emotional stress also causes sudden deafness. Now it is easy for summer to cause people to produce Irritability, no matter what happens, be sure to maintain a calm state of mind, keep calm, control emotions, do not rush to make a big fire, hurt your ears. Now that living conditions are good, make full use of it, but don’t hurt your body.

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