Currently, customers often ask us questions that are characteristic of the “epidemic” period:


For example, can hearing aids be disinfected with alcohol? In fact, most of the common alcohols currently on the market are divided into two types: 75% alcohol, used for medical disinfection, and can be used to eliminate the new crown pneumonia virus. However, due to the high water content of this alcohol, it is generally recommended not to use it to clean hearing aids. Alcohol above 90%, also known as anhydrous alcohol, is mainly used for cleaning precision instruments such as hearing aids. It can volatilize quickly after cleaning. Although it has a certain disinfection effect, it cannot completely eliminate the new crown pneumonia virus! In fact, hearing aids are personal products, the chance of outsiders’ contact is very small, and there is no need for disinfection. If we want to disinfect, we need to be careful not to let the machine get wet with water.


What should we do when wearing a hearing aid when wearing a mask? We can buy, head-mounted masks. Or use the handle of the milk box to improve the mask to solve the problem. In addition to being likely to be squeezed out, the hearing aid is also easy to fall off when the mask is removed, causing the hearing aid to be lost or damaged by falling. You can also fix the hearing aid by wearing ear molds, and you can also fix the hearing aid to your clothes by using a back-ear lanyard. In this way, even if the hearing aid falls from the ear, it will not be found or dropped to the ground.


What should we pay attention to when we go out? During the epidemic, we need to change our coats and other clothing after going out, and wash our hands with soap or hand soap under running water. If you wear a hearing aid, it is recommended to wash your hands before touching the hearing aid before touching other items.


The winter is ending and the spring is coming. let ‘s put on our masks and wait for the good news ~