Firstly, the hearing aids should go to the professional after-sales guarantee center to do regular ear examinations, and select hearing aids according to the results of their own examinations. Just start wearing a hearing aid with appropriate expectations, wear it, and wear it according to your recovery plan. Regular hearing aid maintenance and cleaning, moisture, drop, and high temperature.

1.Be sure to check your hearing before you have a hearing aid. Select the appropriate hearing aid according to the results of the examination to achieve the best results. The optional hearing aid must be selected at the regular fitting center.

2.Have proper expectations for hearing aids, especially when you start wearing them. Be patient and confident.

3.Hearing aids have an adaptive process and must be strictly followed4Week rehabilitation program is implemented.

4.Regularly clean and maintain the hearing aids, especially in the rainy weather, pay more attention to the maintenance of the hearing aids.

5.Pay attention to moisture and drop.

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