How to use a mobile phone with a hearing aid

The first thing you need to understand is that hearing aids have two different modes.Microphone or “M“Mode, as well as solenoid or “T“Mode. InMIn the mode, the external acoustic signal can be directly converted into an electrical signal for amplification. inTIn the mode, the hearing aid cannot directly amplify the external sound, but the internal induction coil cuts the magnetic field lines in the magnetic field to generate current and then amplifies. The hearing aid is capable of picking up electromagnetic signals directly from the inside of the phone.


According to the new regulations, the ratings of these two modes of operation range from1(lowest sensitivity) to4(highest sensitivity). To be marked as hearing aid compatible (HAC), the phone must carryM3OrT3The lowest level.

In addition, many hearing aids (and cochlear implants) have similarMAndTLevels measure their sensitivity and resistance to RF interference. When purchasing a mobile phone, to determine its compatibility with the hearing aid, just put itMAndTThe level is added along with the level of the phone to create a combination level. If you have a total6One or more, which is considered excellent, a combination of hearing aids and phones would be very useful. Overall rating5It is considered normal and suitable for most people. If the overall score is4I think this is acceptable, but it is not very useful if you make a lot of long distance calls.

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