Our hearing loss patients, after spending money to buy a hearing aid, hope to make it more effective and sound more comfortable. In fact, the effect of hearing aid is not only related to the quality of the product itself and the level of the examiner, but also affects the effect of hearing aid in the use of hearing loss patients.

Before using the hearing aid, we need to check whether the battery of the hearing aid is powered, whether the sound is normal after wearing, whether there is a scream, whether there is any abnormality in the hearing aid shell, etc. if there is a problem or the sound is wrong, we should find out the reason in time. If we are not sure, we can take the hearing aid back to the fitting center for professional fitting Division to help you solve.

When using hearing aids, try to choose a quiet environment. In noisy environment, our speech recognition will decline. Even if you wear hearing aids, this is inevitable.

Digital hearing aids can reduce noise, but they can’t process and compress noise in real time. In fact, this is very understandable. Basically, everyone has used earphones. When you use earphones on the bus, the volume used is different from that used at home, and the former is certainly higher than the latter, because of the environmental noise guidance So we try to use the hearing aid in a quiet environment.

Then the hearing aid also has a suitable distance to use, because the hearing aid needs to receive sound first and then transmit it to your ears. Basically, the best distance to use the hearing aid is between 1.5 and 2 meters. If the distance is more than 3 meters, the effect will be greatly reduced. It is because when the hearing loss patients talk, if the hearing loss patients wear the hearing aid with one ear, then you should stand The one who has a good hearing communicates with him.

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