How to make hearing aids shockproof?

Hearing aids should be worn when they are removed. When you are unskilled, you can sit at the table or at the bed. If the machine falls, it will not fall directly on the ground. The hearing aids are not worn at night. After cleaning, they should be placed in a special dry box. Do not put them on hand to avoid falling and falling. If the hearing aid is not worn outdoors, it should also be placed in a special small box to reduce the shaking and collision when carrying.

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When you first wear a hearing aid, if you are not very skilled, you can sit on the sofa or bed while wearing it, or put a towel on the table to prevent the hearing aid from falling hard. The other is to take it when you take it off, don’t fall. Usually, when you are not wearing it at home, it must be cleaned and placed in a dry box. When you are not wearing it, you need to place it in a special shockproof box.

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