How to communicate more effectively with the hearing impaired [communication skills]

For and wearHearing aidThe weak listener communicates this question, whether it is the person who talks or the person who listens to others, it is very helpless. If you have these people with hearing aids wearing hearing aids, how to effectively and wear the hearing aid It is necessary for the weak listener to communicate and pass on his ideas to improve the efficiency of the work and reduce the communication cost. Some people with hearing impairments may not want others to know that they have hearing conditions, so he wears invisible hearing aids.


To effectively talk to the hearing-impaired person requires care, patience and understanding. Although the hearing aid is a good helper, it does not restore the normal hearing of the wearer.Hearing aidThe most needed for the hearing impaired is to be accepted by others and be regarded as a sound person. Appropriate use of certain skills, coupled with gentleness and understanding, will definitely help you communicate effectively with others.

1.Don’t talk too fast or don’t talk too much: this will make the other person feel at a loss. As long as you slow down a bit and notify the listener before switching topics, the listener is mentally prepared and easy to understand the conversation.

 2.Give the listener’s attention before speaking: For example: behind the pat on the back of the listener, during a meeting or group discussion, raise your hand slightly before the speech, so that the hearing-impaired person wearing the hearing aid is psychologically prepared to concentrate on listening to you.

 3.Simplify complex sentences: lengthy and complex sentences are often difficult to understand, preferably using short, clear sentences, or simplifying a complex sentence into several short sentences.

4.Shorten the conversation distance: It is best to talk face to face with the weak listener. Don’t talk in another room or where the listener can’t see you.

5.Speak in a normal and moderate tone: There is no need to talk loudly to people with weak hearings, especially those who have already worn hearing aids. Shouting loudly not only distorts the voice, but makes the idea difficult to recognize. Excessive sound may also make the hearing aid wearer feel uncomfortable.

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