How to choose the power of the hearing aid?

Patients or family members who know some hearing aids generally know that the range of hearing aids is70db-120dbbetween. The Osda Hearing Aids Appropriate will advise us to select the hearing aids for the corresponding power based on our hearing loss. In principle, the power of the hearing aid is the best, with a certain amount of debugging margin. In fact, most patients are elderly, and hearing will gradually decline with age. How do we choose hearing aid power at this time?


First, according to the time: If the patient’s family has had a sudden convulsion, you should pay attention to it. It is recommended to choose the Ou Shida hearing aid with a slightly higher power to prevent the hearing loss from continuing to drop significantly in a short period of time.

Second, if the patient’s hearing is relatively stable or young or middle-aged, it is childhood drug poisoning, and there is no hearing loss in recent years, it is recommended to choose the appropriate power.

Third, there is also a group of people, patients who often have a cold or susceptibility to choose a slightly higher power of Ou Shida hearing aids, because the eustachian tube blockage caused by pressure imbalance inside and outside the periosteum will eventually lead to hearing loss.

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