How to check your hearing when a child is born

This situation is not anxious, the baby may develop the hearing system, wait until the baby is born.42There is still a review in the day, first look at the situation, and then plan to do it later. The general hearing screening process for children is as follows:


1.Primary screening, after birth48Within hours,DPOAEDistortion product otoacoustic emission (screening type), the primary screening failed to pass the rescreening. Initial screening through1-3Year-old follow-up group.

2.Rescreening, after birth42Days, concurrent with the maternal review, the same use of otoacoustic emission, re-screening failed to conduct a preliminary diagnosis of hearing.

3.Audiological diagnosis is performed within three months to see if there is hearing loss.ABR(auditory brainstem response), acoustic impedance, otoacoustic emissions, etc.

4.Determine permanent hearing loss, choose hearing aids within the month, early diagnosis, early intervention, early treatment.

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