Checking the hearing Generally, you can go to the hospital or a qualified fitting center. It is only for the hospital to check the registration fee. The fitting center generally does not charge. Specifically, you can also check it online and then call to consult, I hope my answer will help you.

Hearing changes are manifestations of ear disease or other systemic diseases in the ear. When hearing loss is accompanied by other symptoms, the examination of other signs cannot be ignored when examining hearing. From the perspective of audiology examination, it can be divided into two categories, subjective hearing examination and objective hearing examination. Subjective hearing test refers to the cooperation of the examinee in the process of hearing detection, such as pure tone listening threshold listening, speech measurement and so on. Objective hearing test refers to the evaluation of hearing in the process of hearing detection without the cooperation of the inspected person and recording various indicators through the instrument.The general examination procedure is: first check the external auditory canal and tympanic membrane, routinely perform pure tone audiometry and check the hearing threshold. Perform acoustic impedance audiometry to evaluate tympanic function. When necessary, perform brainstem electrical response audiometry to evaluate the conduction function of the cochlea, auditory nerve, and central nervous system. As a language tester, evaluate the ability to distinguish sound. There are other methods of audiometry to determine the location and nature of hearing impairment. In short, hearing tests are a complex process that requires multiple methods to produce an accurate diagnosis.

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