How to adapt to the initial hearing aid

This is a natural phenomenon. After listening to the sound while wearing a hearing aid, you may feel a little uncomfortable. This is a natural phenomenon. After all, a hearing aid is an electrical component that is different from a human ear. Just like human dentures and glasses, it will be somewhat uncomfortable when you first wear it. According to the survey, it takes a few weeks for the brain to re-adapt to the sound heard through the hearing aid. You need patience, and more practice will speed up the process of adaptation.


In the early stage of wearing, the elderly can adapt to their own voices, and then listen to the voices of the family in a quiet and quiet environment. The time is not too long, wear them every day, and then listen to some environmental sounds. You may hear some strangers. The sound and noise, because you are used to the hearing loss that has been lost, it takes time to adapt to a large number of normal sounds. In addition, you may hear some sounds that you don’t want to hear, such as refrigerators, air conditioners, and car sounds. At first you may not be able to adapt to these sounds, but you must go through this process. These sounds may have been forgotten in the past, and now gradually regained, the effect will gradually become significant.

If these are fine, you can gradually transition to a noisy environment, such as on the street, in a restaurant or in a supermarket. The environment is very noisy in a crowded place, which requires the patient to concentrate and use some of the available factors such as light, mouth shape and position.

The longer you wear a hearing aid, the better your ability to adapt. In general, it is best to start wearing a hearing aid for one to two hours. On the first day, walk around at home and listen to some familiar sounds. Every day, slowly increase the time to wear a hearing aid, be sure to practice every day, and soon you will find that hearing aids can be used in almost all normal environments.

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