Today, with the haze and the source of infection becoming more and more serious, people always prevent inhalation of harmful gases to the human body through various methods. Masks are the main tool. Wearing masks can prevent us from breathing while not inhaling health. Gas, so how to wear a mask? Next, I will introduce the mask wearing method and how often the mask is replaced.


First, the introduction of wearing masks

1.Disposable masks

Disposable masks are divided into front and back, the color on the back is lighter, and the color on the front is relatively dark. Before wearing a mask, everyone should wash their hands first, and then hang the mask on the ear in accordance with the correct inside and outside and up and down directions of the mask, so that the mask can fit snugly with the bridge of the nose, and pull the mask down properly. Hold your nose and mouth.

Gauze masks

First pull the strap over the gauze mask so that the nose and mouth can be completely wrapped, then pull the strap over the mask behind the ear, and fasten the strap tightly to secure it behind the ear. When you do not need to wear a mask, put the mask in the hot water for five minutes, wash it with soapy water, and then store it.

3.Folding mask

3M dust mask is the most representative dust mask among many masks. The wearing method of this mask is also very simple. First, fasten the straps on the mask, adjust the position of the mask, and then fasten the straps that fix the bridge of the nose, so you can wear it.

How often is the mask changed?

  1. There are different types of masks on the market, including medical masks and filter masks. The replacement time of different types of masks is also different. Professional PM2.5 protective masks need to be replaced after two days of use, because PM2.5 protective masks that have been used for two days no longer have a good protective effect.
  2. Many people choose to wear PM2.5 filter masks in daily life. This mask is a filter that has dustproof and antibacterial effects inside the mask. Generally, disposable filters are used. It needs to be replaced in about 8 days, but if any dirt is found on the filter, it should be replaced immediately.
  3. Disposable mask is currently the most common type of mask. As the name suggests, this mask is disposable and cannot be reused. The use time should not exceed four hours. Therefore, the disposable mask should be worn for four hours. replace.

Dust masks should be understood by everyone, mainly to prevent people from inhaling dust in the air, thereby protecting people’s health. So many users use dust masks and do n’t know how to clean the masks. The editor of disposable masks below will give a brief introduction to the users, hoping to help everyone.

For cleaning, first gently rub the gauze mask with warm water and soap. The bowl-shaped mask can be gently cleaned with a soft brush dipped in detergent, and then washed with water. Please be careful not to rub hard, because if the warp and weft gap of the gauze is too large, it will lose the effect of preventing droplets.

Disinfect, soak the cleaned face mask in a 2% peroxyacetic acid solution for 30 minutes or cook it in boiling water for 20 minutes or put it in a steamer for 15 minutes, then dry it for use. This method is suitable for gauze masks and bowl masks.

Check. Before using it again, you should carefully check whether the masks and masks are still intact. For gauze masks and masks, you can use the light transmission inspection method, that is, take care of them before the lamp to see if there are obvious light spots, middle and edge Is the light transmittance consistent? If in doubt, replace it with a new one. In any case, masks and masks are generally updated after 3 to 7 times of cleaning, and masks of particularly good quality can be washed 10 times. Activated carbon adsorption masks should be replaced regularly with activated carbon interlayers. If activated carbon interlayers are not replaceable, they must be replaced after 7 to 14 days. This type of mask cannot be reused after cleaning.

Lekang medical equipment: The above is the introduction of the mask wearing method and how often the mask is replaced. I believe everyone can see that this has helped the wearing of the mask. The haze phenomenon in some big cities is very serious. Wearing a mask when going out can effectively block the inhalation of harmful gases in the air. Of course, you need to master the correct wearing method of the mask to play the role of the mask….

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