How much is the hearing aid? How much is a hearing aid?

How much is the hearing aid? The price of each different brand is of course different. What goods are the same, the prices are different. The price of hearing aids ranges from a few hundred yuan to several thousand yuan and tens of thousands of yuan. The hearing loss situation and the need to listen to it are not the more expensive, the better, suitable for the patient is good. Therefore, buying a hearing aid is not the more expensive the better, of course, if you have the conditions, you can pursue high quality.


How much is a hearing aid? There are many types of hearing aids, which are generally collective, desktop and portable. The portable type can be divided into a box type, a glasses type, a back type, an ear and an ear canal according to different parts thereof. According to the way of sound wave conduction, it can be divided into bone conduction hearing aids and air conduction hearing aids.

1Box-type hearing aid (also known as body-worn hearing aid)

Advantages: low price, durable, easy to operate, and large power output.

Disadvantages: large volume, poor concealment; poor positioning of the sound direction: the background noise is large, and the friction often interferes with the clothing to cause the hearing sound to interfere with the hearing aid effect.

Applicable people: less used, generally suitable for the elderly and people with inflexible fingers.

2, behind the ear hearing aid (also known as behind the ear hearing aid)

Advantages: slim shape, relatively concealed position, good acoustic effect, and multiple powers.

Disadvantages: It is easily eroded by sweat, and the hearing aids for people with high appearance requirements are still not concealed.

Applicable people: Suitable for patients with various hearing loss, it is the most widely used type of hearing aid.

3, in-the-ear hearing aids, ear canal hearing aids and deep ear canal hearing aids

Advantages: It is directly placed in the ear cavity or external auditory canal during use, and has good concealment; it can use the auricle to collect sound; the distortion and transmission loss are small and the sound quality is good.

Disadvantages: At present, these three types of hearing device power are not too large, can not meet the needs of those with severe hearing loss; the price is higher than similar ear-type hearing aids.

Applicable people: It is suitable for patients with hearing loss below severe level. In addition, the external auditory canal of children is greatly changed. The outer casing of the hearing aid should be replaced frequently, which is very inconvenient. Therefore, children do not claim this type.

How much is a hearing aid? It is recommended to choose the brand according to your own needs, and choose the custom or the general, the price is different, choose the reliable channel to buy, and try it out, you can also go to several stores to ask, compare more than a few I know the approximate price and what I want. How much is the hearing aid? Going to the store to buy them will determine the appropriate hearing aid according to the actual situation of the hearing impaired.

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