How much hearing loss should I have with a hearing aid?

WTOStandard, normal hearing is in25Within decibels,26To40Decibel is a mild hearing loss,41To60Is moderate hearing loss,61To80Is severe hearing loss,81The above is a very severe hearing loss, depending on your living and working environment.


Normal hearing: ≤25decibel , clear analysis of general sound and language.

Mild hearing loss:26~40decibel It is difficult to distinguish small sounds, such as the wind blowing in the woods.

Moderate hearing loss:41~60decibel I have hearing difficulties in everyday language, and I am confused with people. I need help with hearing aids.

Severe hearing loss:61~80decibel For shouts and loud voices, such as car horns. The drum sound responded and the hearing aid helped.

Extremely severe hearing loss: greater than80Decibels are usually extremely difficult to feel the presence of sound, and it is necessary to rely on the aid of a hearing aid to feel the vibration of the sound.

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