How much can a very heavy hearing aid recover?

International standards have greater hearing loss than80Decibel hearing is divided into extremely severe hearing loss, and hearing aids can only help to listen and not to recover. Hearing aid hearing effects vary from person to person, and hearing aids are better for hearing aids.


To what extent can a very heavy hearing aid be restored? This depends on the degree of hearing loss. If the hearing is heavy, the hearing aid may be able to compensate for half. There may be no problem in face-to-face normal communication..If the speech resolving ability is poor, it is necessary to wear a hearing aid to exercise the hearing function. It is better to wear the hearing aid for a long time. Some of the speech resolving abilities are relatively good. This is for the hearing impaired people who are vocal in the language. To the effect. However, there are still some problems when people are more noisy. If the hearing is lighter, the hearing aid can basically resume normal communication, and daily life has basically no effect.

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